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Duct Truck
4800 Strawberry Lane
Louisville, KY 40209

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My Cleaning Checklist

A visual inspection is the best way to ensure that the contractor has properly cleaned your system. The customer should not be able to see any debris with the naked eye. Have your contractor walk you through the following check list.

- Are newly attached access doors or sheet metal attached with more than duct tape? Screws, rivets, or mastic should affix installed access doors to the ducts.

- When the system is running, no leakage should occur at the edges of doors.

- Is the return air plenum free of dust and dirt?

- Is the supply air plenum free of moisture, stains, and contaminants?

- Is the blower/fan blade/fan compartment free of oil, dust, and debris?

- Are sample areas of metal ductwork free of dust, dirt, and other debris?

- Have the air vents been reattached to the walls, floor, or ceiling? Are they visibly clean?







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